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Divine Speech: Exploring the Quran as Literature introduces aspects of its literary beauty to a wider, English-speaking audience. These aspects include its remarkable language and word choice, its use of a wide variety of coherence, structure, and order of its "chapters" - features that typically remain mysterious to readers of English translations of the text. Divine Speech provides its readers with a better appreciation of the Quran from a literary perspective, and in the process stimulates interest in, and provides tools and resources for further study of the scripture.


Nouman Ali Khan was recently listed among the top 500 most influential Muslims in the world. He is the CEO of Bayyinah Institute and through it he has been furthering the cause of Quran awareness and Arabic education throughout the world. With a social media following in the several millions, Ustadh Nouman continues to leverage his worldwide reach to promote a better understanding of the Quran based on rigorous research yet easy to understand language. He already completed a video translation of the entire Quran and is now dedicated to completing an exhaustive explanation over the course of the next few years. He respectfully asks for your prayers in order for him to complete this mission.